An Open Letter to Everyone Struggling to Find Their Place

Photo by Daniel Jensen

Dear Reader,

Trying to find your rightful place in this era of harshness when you don't feel like you fit in ordinary spaces can be a painfully isolating experience.

I've only recently begun to accept that bleak are the chances of the world automating gentle and compassionate responses to the core parts of who I am—the parts of myself that feel most fragile and once compelled me to armor up and refrain from wearing my heart on my sleeve so much. It's just not the way the world works right now and I don't encourage anyone to cultivate false expectations or hold out hope that the majority of people are just going to magically reprogram their appetite for your slice of authenticity. More often than not, you'll only be met with disappointment. The particular flavor you add to this world won't be for everybody and that's okay because you're still an essential spice. Keep pouring, won't you?

While it can feel like a daunting task to step out of the shame frequently associated with letting your true self be seen in the thick of vulnerability, I need you to know that this is what true courage looks like. These vulnerable moments where you show up the most real you've ever been notwithstanding those who are afraid of real things. How brave is that? In case no one has told you: you're the real f*cking thing. Waiting around for permission to trust the ground where you stand (out) would be a self-disservice.

And one day, you're going to learn just how much more dynamic you make this place. Not because I'm telling you, but because eventually you'll validate it for yourself.

Much peace.