Best hair clippers, how to choose

In the life of most men, sooner or later, a minute comes when they clearly understand that they can no longer do without hair cutting tools. People who prefer short haircuts forced to visit the hairdresser almost every month, so such a device will save them a lot of time and money. If you choose the right equipment, then with its help, it will be possible to trim the beard to cut beautiful patterns.

However, it would be best if you did not think that these products are
exclusively for the strong half of humanity. Girls can use it to mill hair and trim bangs. In modern stores of household appliances, a wide selection of such models is presented, which is easy to get confused since they differ significantly from each other in terms of functionality, cost, and other parameters. If you decide to purchase a similar design for yourself, then our rating of the best hair clippers will be beneficial.

How to choose a hair clipper?

In general, all cars have a knife block, which includes a movable and fixed part. It consists of a large number of small blades, which remove excess hair. The kit comes with several nozzles; due to them, the hair length is regulated. The engine drives the knife block - most often, rotary and vibration versions are encounters.

Vibrating machines are relatively cheap mechanisms with low power. They are unlikely to be suitable for use in hairdressing salons, but for home use, they are quite appropriate. Products based on a magnetic coil have a power of about 8-10 watts. In continuous mode, they can work for 10-15 minutes, after which they need to give rest. When working, they make quite a lot of noise and can also vibrate, which is why their hands quickly get tired.

Machines with an anchor vibration motor are slightly more powerful - this parameter they have is 12-15 W, they vibrate and make much less noise, and besides, they have no restrictions on work. If a person has stiff and thick hair, a vibrating machine can not cope with them.

Rotary machines have a power of about 20-45 watts. Often the engine has a cooling system - altogether, it allows you to work with hair of any structure and length. They cost more, but their equipment is much more productive. In particular, together with similar devices, an extended set of various nozzles, interchangeable knives, and so on is supplied. On sale, some products operate on the mains or batteries; if desired, you can find products powered by finger batteries.